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Contemporary Portraits

The portrait experience has changed dramatically in the last few years.  You’ve probably been caught in lots of less-than-flattering-phone-pics already this month. You might describe yourself as un-photogenic or camera shy. The part that most photos are missing is – intention! Most images you see of yourself are snapshots and snapshots are in an entirely different category than portraits.

It’s not wrong to want to look your best, and it’s hard to trust whether someone else will make us look like we want to be seen.  No one wants to go to the work of arranging a photoshoot and then not even like the results, so it’s tempting to just put it off.

People who say they dislike how they look in photos have probably never been photographed by a photographer who paid them the right kind of attention.  Someone who balances making you feel good and look good.  Who knows that angles and flattering lighting are their challenge to solve, not yours.  And when you finally see a portrait of yourself where it shows you as you want to be seen, you will never stop looking at it. 

If you trust me, this is what I will create for you.

No Minimum Order

A Session includes a personal consultation to plan your day so that we can tailor your portraits to suit your taste. It includes about an hour on the day of the shoot plus an in-person presentation of retouched images afterwards where I encourage you to use my expertise in print display to choose product to suit your decor and lifestyle.

Portrait Session Fee $150

Makeup can be arranged to start your session off feeling oh-so-pampered for $50. I recommend booking an appointment with your favourite stylist on the morning of your session.

Prints are sold separately beginning at $79. I offer high quality Canvas wall art from $220 and beautiful packages like luxurious handmade folio boxes and albums from $635. PLUS every image you purchase in print includes the fully retouched digital file for you to share and make your own reprints.

Again, the choice is entirely yours, and we will discuss your preferences at your pre-shoot consultation because we begin with the end in mind.

Please contact me if you’d like to see my Product Catalogue. I am happy to share it with you so you can plan everything. Most people only have a portrait made a few times in their lifetime so let’s be sure you can get the best results possible by looking at all the details before you begin.

The best experiences are shared experiences, enjoy a session with several of your best girlfriends! Wouldn’t that be amazing? The best time you’ve ever had while being photographed! Click here for more info.

Please, don’t be shy, I would love to chat with you and talk about your ideas! This will give us a chance to get to know each other and you the opportunity to see my studio, learn what happens on the day of a session and ask questions about products and pricing. There is no obligation to book, but if you are confident that I’m the photographer for you, I will be happy to help you select a date for your special day… let’s get started!

I believe everyone can be photogenic when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves and it’s my intention to create images for you that you’ll love and want to hang on your wall!  

Folio Box and matted prints
Edged Masonite (ready to hang)

Canvas Wall Art (this one is wrapped for delivery)
Handmade Albums

Whether on your wall, in your hands, on your work desk, or maybe all three – you’ll end up with exactly the piece of art that’s right for you!  Let’s get started.

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