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White Sheet Studio Session

White Sheet Studio sessions are transformative and empowering, and a session with me will absolutely make you feel confident and beautiful!

I know you’re nervous, and I know you’ve never done anything like this before.  That’s why I’m here.  Here’s what else I know.  You are going to rock this session and have absolutely… ZERO Regrets!

The consultation is designed to get to know you and your needs. Upon booking your photoshoot we will set up an in-studio consultation so you can start getting comfortable in the space and gives us a chance to meet face-to-face so you no longer feel as nervous on the day of your shoot. We will go over all the components of preparation that make for a successful and fun boudoir session.

The day of your session, you’ll enjoy a cold glass of champagne and a full makeover by a hair & makeup professional we know and trust.  This will give you the opportunity to relax away any pre-session jitters!  Our boudoir and beauty sessions are usually around 3 hours including time for a full makeover.

I’ll guide you through a variety of poses that will leaving you feeling sexy and confident.  I pose you down to your eyelashes, so don’t worry about not having that “sexy look.”   This is the ultimate girl’s day out.  You’re going to look and feel amazing, so be sure to plan an evening out on the town to continue the celebration of YOU!

he said, ‘you’re so full of yourself’ i replied, ‘i am i am and i’m not sorry if that threatens you.’ ~ pavana .

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After your session its a short wait to see the results! 2-3 weeks after you shoot we’ll get together to go through your results and choose your favourites for print!

quit hiding your magic. the world is ready for you. ~danielle dory ----->

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