meet Lisa

The Ocean is my Happy Place

Helping people is my passion and I am blessed to be able to do that creatively through photography. I love it when people tell me they’re not photogenic then watch as their confidence and self esteem grows right in front of my eyes as they see, and like themselves in the portraits we make.

I find it rewarding to work with women and be able to show them how beautiful they can be in portraits! Whether it is by herself, with her partner and children, or what I think is the most precious grouping… 3 generations including her daughter and grandchildren. I genuinely want them to have a portrait they love now and can pass down to future generations.

I studied the foundations of photography at the college here in Courtenay and now continually hone my skills by reading ‘How To’s’, attending courses and viewing many, many, many photographs that are much better than mine.

My biggest reward is a client’s smiling face while we’re viewing their images and hearing them say “I didn’t think I was photogenic and was nervous about seeing photos of myself but I LOVE these photos!  I really enjoyed our time together!”

Contact me and we’ll talk about how you want to be photographed!

“A lifetime of real memories that I can look back on, smile and remember how we felt in that moment. Such a joy from your photos as they tell a story… One of life’s precious gifts”. ~C Fonseca